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Mademoiselle Satine

45 new pictures vienna austria special event. nighttime in wien, with guestmistress *mademoiselle satine* paris.

Follow me and enjoy

Feel the magic of my erotic dominance in shiny patent leather, black leather, boots and high heels.
Go beyond the limits of your devotion and let me degrade you to a lust object. You will feel the fear and excitement of total surrender and the erotic pains of anal rape.
You are completely at my mercy, while you have to follow my lessons step by step,
obediently moving by foot with collar and leash.

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I am a sadist, and i make no excuses

My clear reflection is a Crystal clear definition of a GODDESS, a devoted big breasted woman with superpower, will-power and a natural passion and love for power

38 Pictures

Glory Hole

Dr. Wilhelm, a regular guest of Madame, would like to fuck an attractive Translady in his Gloryhole deep in his mouth . The guest paid, and Madame selects for this very delicate job * Corinne, the perverse TV bitch

45 Pictures

The sadistic business woman

While the unsuspecting book age, as every day, devotest his capricious boss is approaching, he also hoped today, a tiny glance at her panties ... "This time, however, * ALL * completely different"!

51 Pictures

Mothers Discipline

Dimensions of Discipline by Mother.My previous version of many aspects of my different types of disciplining. Membersection: Role-Play/Psychodrama,Corrections Institution, school nurse, school bully, teacher, superhero, cosplay...

20 Pictures

Vienna Nights

New Gallery of Mistress in Leather "Vienna nights" For more information visit my Membersection to view the gallery photo. 20 outdoor pictures.

47 Pictures

The beginning of the tutoring hours

The former professor landing this time their students for him in a free clothing. Right at the beginning of the tutoring hours, it turns out that the young students simply nothing except moan In the head-woman professor had shown him immediately, where - with her!

25 Pictures

Total Control

Fixed with wide spread legs at the gynocological chair ladys TV maid Jenny is forced to hold back her randyness. To increase penalty a chastitybelt made of steel is locked all over her prick. Mistress sets her free to be raped anal by one of her slaves.

118 Pictures

Mistress in Leather

Mistress in elegant fetishoutfit,present the new acquired torture instruments. (hard core life)!

26 Pictures

Black leather

You are completely at my mercy, while you have to follow my lessons step by step, obediently moving by foot with collar and leash.

24 Pictures

Limited hornyness

Limited hornyness TV-cunt Jenny gets presented fixed with chains at the assembly of the cage. Mistress pulls her slave at the lead out of the cage and orders him to masturbate Jenny and blow her cock,to get the slut used in

21 Pictures

I am a sexual sadist

The hissing thwack of the cane as it whistles through the air to land upon a hapless slaves buttocks is a common sound at The Studio.

28 Pictures

For the devoted
sissy maid

I expect from the lady or the gentleman: fairness and respectful with sissy maid marlene.

You'll find my Email in the Memberarea

23 Pictures

Sissy Transformation

Jenny has to learn how to strut and drop a curtsy,how to handle madam’s slave and shows how turning him on,and seduce him with hand and tongue.

31 Pictures

Domination is my Nature

You are completely at my mercy, while you have to follow my lessons step by step, obediently moving by foot with collar and leash.

21 Pictures

Transmistress Caroline und Fetishlady in action

First aid man just getting unexpected lesson of domination by a Transmistress,under assistence of Fetishlady.

38 Pictures

Young Boy like Mom - "Inzest"

Young boy like Mom „“Insest“ The young son, learn to drink the saliva and the golden sparkling wine of its attractive mother. In this meeting it may admire,licks mom, and finally also still requests he to spray its sperm before their.

23 Pictures

Controll by smoking Mistress

Much to the Coronal's surprise, his plan is obtained along with his name, rank and serial number. A Smokie interrogation by the Tobacco Mistress is too much. No mortal man can resist becoming a Smoke slave to the cause.

88 Pictures

Today you have to deliver 700 Euro

Madame Sanders gives last instructions to her naughty TV-maid. (prostitution before the deferment of payment hotel).

25 Pictures

CBT Domination

In this session, the slave is accurately heavily humiliated by madame. Followed of learning:extremely Bondage, and painful-constant plays,testicle and the nipples. A cruel play! Extrem CBT Domination.

31 Pictures

Slave like my Feet

Studiosession in the afternoon.Mistress in black thigh-high boots,and black latex skirt awaiting the slave.Extremely humiliating plays following.

12 Pictures

Toiletgames with Trans Daniela

Daniela can be spoiled once more again by one of your costumers.She is forcing especially thereby ,completely passive licking and cock sucking games.

38 Pictures

Governess Training

Laura was instructed again by madame in the Studio. Mademoiselle Caroline, gives Deepthroat fucked to Translady Laura. Both ladies have fun at this play.

60 Pictures

Brutal Hanging

Laura was instructed again by madame in the Studio. Mademoiselle Caroline, gives Deepthroat fucked to Translady Laura. Both ladies have fun at this play.

18 Pictures

Deepthroat fucked

Laura was instructed again by madame in the Studio. Mademoiselle Caroline, gives Deepthroat fucked to Translady Laura. Both ladies have fun at this play.

33 Pictures

Downstairs at Night

Discipline at night is the most important cornerstone for realizing long term goals with a slave and without it any time spent is only play.

14 Pictures

Charming Hotel-plays

Translady Daniela, can be admired in the hotel from the customer. she have exact instructions of mistress sanders.

29 Pictures

Roles Play Fetishlady

Madame practiced strict discipline training, by here young slaves….

16 Pictures

Elegant Woman

Elegant dressed, and in high boots is forced the slave to facecitting.

34 Pictures


The measures for this, begin on the street,and is already resumed in the Studio.

54 Pictures

Cocooning torture

Cocooned and breathless under gasmask the slave is trained by his mistress in pain of weights to show capacity.

43 Pictures

Bitchy degraded

Having not well served in licking the feet of his mistress, she is amusing In forcing him to train with  a  rubbher-doll

47 Pictures

Fetishlady Lifestyle

Mistress in Leather - Ein Leben im Korsett - a life in corset

26 Pictures

Fetishlady Shooting

Exclusive Quality Stockings, Pantyhose and High Heel Photos

41 Pictures

Intimates supervision

While beeing embarrassing the hidden vices of here pupil.

22 Pictures

The Game

Captured and bounded the mistressis caning the dirty guy with sadistically pleasure.

11 Pictures

Gyno and electrical plays

madame fixes to her slaves on the Gvnostuhl, and in the connection electrical tortures expect it..

30 Pictures

Torture and special plays

the slave learns the precise instructions of “Mistress in Leather”.

17 Pictures

Domination *Laura* by Mademoiselle Caroline and Fetishlady

Laura under pressure of two Mistresses. Transmistress Caroline likes more and more spankingsessions for slavegirl Laura!.

30 Pictures

Learning by punishment

Strict corporal painful education by the mistress makes a pupil learning soon..

29 Pictures

Torture in the forest

The tied up slave ist racked with pain just by the mood by of his mistress.

21 Pictures

Trans prostitution

In the room of the motel TV-whore Daniela is getting abused by a guest under the control of her mistress.

12 Pictures

Pain in the forest

With ropes and chains bounded on a tree movelessly the slave has to endure the torment of hot wax weights and clamps.

15 Pictures

Slave... learning by doing

During his first session mistress teachs to the ignorant slave the perfect basics of a good education.

16 Pictures

Slave likes Facefucking

Its current tasks for the slaves, seem to be for the time being everything other than bad for here. this change however watching.

22 Pictures

Smoking Mistress

the slave is showen by his mistress what she is expecting from a living ashtray. He is getting disciplined by smoke an burning ashes.

45 Pictures

Brutally bound and tortured

Captured in the stock mistress forces here slave to inhalate the smoke of here cigarett under vinyl getting amused in torturing the defencelessly.

48 Pictures

Enforced massage

Kneeling on the black vinyl bed Daniela the horny  TV-girl is awaiting the abuse by here mistress

20 Pictures

Beasty Greediness

The incorrigible horny serf of Mistress gets disciplinet as necesessary,the cater in the stable to shoult where he belongs

14 Pictures

Ms. Debbie private

Anytime pictures from Debbie. she is naked. she is in the Internet, and this is singular life of beauty, Debbie!

19 Pictures

Lauras Punishment

Mademoiselle Caroline punishes TV-slave Laura, and fixes it at arms and legs. Madame gives her instructions.

38 Pictures

The mistery Nun

At here walk the decadent Nun is watched, but she takes here pursuer to task and humiliates him publicly with champagne.

24 Pictures

Mistress shower spezial

The cleaner is perfecting his ways under strict control.
Rewarded by an exclusiv shower of champaign by his mistress he is allowed to masturbate.

27 Pictures

Suffer and Relish

Mistress allowes here horny crossdressing slave to enjoy the balance between pain and greediness.

48 Pictures

Hotel Surprise

Nighttime Vienna Hotel *Suprise for the inexperienced slaves*

28 Pictures

Corrine Torture

Transslave Corrine +Torture+ by Mistress in Leather
*pics mistesstudio vienna*

22 Pictures

Listen to your Mistress

Mistress in Leather and red Shoes: Cookbondage in the Pillory  to force him to obey.

10 Pictures

Laura Gloryhole

Transslave Laura,gets into Gloryhole by Assistents,where she is humiliated by Mademoiselle Caroline

11 Pictures

Ms. Debbie posing

Horny Ms. DEBBIE Posing for you ,and waiting you!

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